Agent videos

In addition to Aerial film services, in partnership with IVCI Group, Harmony Drones is  also known for creating a multi-media showcase for our clients.

What often starts as a simple agent profile, begins to take on a marketing life of its own with the incorporation of luxury real estate photography and videos, and/or videos and film clips about a property’s surrounding locale or the community’s lifestyle –


All in a manner that correlates to the agent’s brand, and in an effort to position our clients as hyper-local, expert resources in their area.

agent testimonial

Our Real Estate Agent and Lender services include:

  • Aerial drone and high-definition (HD) real estate video production
  • Client review and testimonial video production
  • Lifestyle videos, community videos and storyline films
  • Lead-generating website design
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media and blog management
  • Multi-media integration services
  • Overall online branding


“…In such a competitive landscape of luxury real estate professionals, and with all of the already-familiar on-line real estate platforms dulling down the audience, if you aren’t showcasing with cutting edge, you’re getting cut out..”

                                                                         ~ John Burger, Brown Harris Stevens NY.NY   #7 Top 250 Sales Professionals of 2013