About Us

Experts in aerial asset data collection, Harmony Drones provides professional drone services specializing in aerial film and aerial photography using a remote-controlled, multi-rotor camera platform.

We are experts at capturing stunning viewpoints and ultra-smooth tracking shots without the need for expensive, noisy helicopters, cumbersome dolly rails, cranes or jibs. Thus, our UAV systems offer far more flexibility than the traditional methods for obtaining aerial or elevated vantage points. Not only can we easily achieve these difficult shots but we can be airborne in a matter of minutes.

Harmony Drones provides broadcast quality HD film for a full spectrum of clients and applications, including production companies, corporate promotional videos, property developers, sports, live events, commercials, TV, web, and viral marketing. To achieve the superior level of quality our clients are accustomed to, we utilize experienced drone pilots who undergo vigorous training and flight certification. Read More >>

Ready to Fly?

So are we! Tell us about your project and we’ll reach out to discuss the next steps for building a flight plan and project estimate.