Why Thermal Energy Audits are Efficient and Cost-Effective!

Using the highest quality radiometric thermal imagers, coupled with professionally piloted unmanned aerial vehicles is indeed a digital revolution that Harmony Drones has pioneered from the onset of the emergence of drone technology as far back as 2012. Now, in 2019, Harmony Drones has found itself on the razors edge – the 3.0 era of

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Father of Aerial Photography

Ted Abrams , 1895-1990, was a living legend. His aviation accomplishments spanned seven decades as an inventor, explorer, and business executive. He has enough firsts to fill a book. A point of interest: his pilots license was signed by Orville Wright. He was there when barn stormers and wing walkers were popular, and he was

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If Anyone Can Get Delivery Drones Legalized, It’s Google

The commercial drone industry has a new best friend, and that friend is powerful and loaded. It's Google, which recently unveiled to The Atlantic its secret drone delivery program, Project Wing, meaning another tech titan now has skin in the commercial UAV game. One that might just have enough clout to make delivery drones happen. This is very good

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25 Reasons to LOVE Drones-UAV’s

(Original Article found at Popular Science Magazine, August 2014 Issue.) We know what you’re thinking: love drones? Those ominous, free-floating, sometimes unseen killers that have walked our nation out onto some perilously thin ice, geopolitically and ethically? Even the word itself is loaded. No one can agree on what a drone is, exactly, or whether they

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Harmony Drones Purchases DJI s1000

Harmony Drones will soon be flying the DJI s1000 octocopter! This drone is a beast! Built to carry the Canon 5D Mark III, this premium UAV will allow us to capture full high definition video. This drone requires three operators to fly safely. The camera is attached to a 3-axis gimbal which gives us a

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