An orthomosaic image is a large collection of precisely captured aerial photographs shot in predetermined overlapping patterns, at specified altitudes over the surface of the earth or structure by a Harmony Drones UAV.

The “raw” collections of high-resolution images are processed by the Harmony Drones team through geometric correction or “orthorectified”.  The scale provided to the client is uniform and the photos possess the distinctive characteristics of the map.

Unlike an uncorrected aerial photograph, an orthomosaic image stitched together from hundreds, sometimes thousands of high resolution images can be used to measure true distances with accuracy and a high degree of visual detail.

Orthomosaic images captured by our Flight Crews are of superior quality and resolution due to years of trials, experiments and experience. 

Our orthomosaic images are accurate representations of the Earth’s surface, having been adjusted for topographic relief, lens distortion, camera tilt and shot, with close to double the pixels and resolution of our competitors.

Operating in accordance with permitted state and local laws, our team performs visual, thermal or multispectral documentation of specific geographic locations.

We are second to none for quality and reliability in the new and exciting world of UAV orthomosaic Imagery.

Common Uses for Orthomosaic Imagery include:

  • Delineation of wetlands
  • Development and planning of new construction multi-housing units
  • Construction and renovation of buildings, especially mid to high rise structures
  • Public Works Projects, especially visual assessments of bridges & dams
  • Assessments of Reservoir water conditions, such as levels and quality
  • Private and commercial land development
  • Land litigation, mediation and arbitration
  • Agricultural evaluations and/or inspections
  • Overall crop health assessments
  • Gaming support services
  • Herd migration and documentation
  • Detection and/or monitoring of animal wildlife, habitats and breeding patterns
  • Hunting fields and terrains assessments
  • Monitoring of illegal hunting, poaching, or fishing activities
  • Forestry support service missions
  • Detection and/or monitoring of invasive species
  • Overall forest health maintenance
  • Mining inspection service missions
  • Site conditions of active and retired mines
  • Structural integrity of any property
  • Before/after roof warranty inspections
  • Before/after insurance, damage claims
  • Thermal roof inspections
  • Traffic and pedestrian flow/patterns

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