Our flight crews are trained to create experiences that will thrill and inspire even the most discerning audiences. Each flight crew consists of a highly trained pilot, a perceptive cameraman, and a skilled technician. This combination allows for spectacular footage, efficient set-up, and a safe and exciting flight.



Components of the Harmony Drones Flight Crew

Flight Crew

  • Drone Pilot
  • Cameraman
  • Operations Technician


  • Multi-Rotor Drone
  • Ground Station
  • Visual and Controller Equipment
  • Audio/Visual Data Storage
  • Radio Communications
  • Multiple Cameras
  • Batteries and Charging Stations (requires source of 110v power)
  • Safety Equipment and Barriers
  • Transportation Vehicle


  • Pre-Flight Consultation
  • Scouting Assistance
  • Safety Protocol Site Review and Briefing
  • Post Production Consultation