Brandywine Pumping Station, Smoke Stack


City of Wilmington, Public Works Department


Visual assessment of the Smoke Stack (circa 1906) atop the Brandywine Pumping Station in Wilmington, Delaware.

Complicating Factors for Traditional Inspection

  • Several stories of scaffolding required to reach the top of the stack.
  • Safety and liability concerns to the contractor’s employees.
  • The age and integrity of the structure to be inspected, adding additional safety concerns.
  • Costly inspection, adding additional expense to the city’s budget for inspection and repair.

Harmony Drones Mission

  • Provide high resolution images and video of the entire smokestack structure, while focusing on areas of concern or damage.

What Harmony Drones Offered

  • Licensed flight team consisting of Pilot and Visual Observer
  • High-resolution images of the entire roof structure and smokestack
  • 360-degree orbit video capture of the stack
  • Complete time onsite, for the pilot to capture the required data, was less than one hour
  • Provided the client with complete data package with 24 hrs.
  • Cost savings with no need for expensive equipment rentals, labor, or high liability risks for the assessment process
  • Follow-up missions flown to assess and  document changes to the structure, following some significant weather occurrences.

Mission Accomplished

City officials and engineers were able to use the Harmony Drones video and imagery, to monitor the integrity of the smokestack, locate areas of potential concern, prioritize its need for repair, and start formulating a clear plan of action.

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