Determine the integrity of the existing terra cotta roof structure, provide accurate assessment, documentation and quote for replacement if necessary.

Complicating Factors for Traditional Inspection

Due to the building’s location within the hospital complex, close proximity to emergency entrances, valet parking and the height of the roof steeples, the following were complications the contractors faced:

  • Boom lift required to reach the peak of the roof.
  •  Inability to shut down street access to the hospital and parking for the required equipment to navigate during the inspection process.
  • Many locations of the roof not visually accessible without making physical contact with the roof, potentially adding more damage to the structure.
  • Safety and liability concerns to the contractor’s employees.
  • High out-of-pocket expense to the contractor for the inspection, adding additional cost and expense to the potential clients project/quote.

Harmony Drones Mission:  Provide high resolution images of the entire roof structure, including the steeple, and the facade of each wall of the facility while focusing in on areas of concern or damage.

Harmony Drones Solution

  • Building was located within Class D and E airspace nearby with a heliport directly on the site, that required special airspace clearance prior to the flight.  All proper channels were alerted and procedures were followed to gain clearance, with no complicating factors and with no extra effort for our client.
  • The property and buildings were grid mapped with a flight plan in place prior to arrival to make the on-site time minimal and with a very small footprint of operation.
  • Deployment of a FAA Licensed flight team consisting of a sUAS Pilot and equally trained Visual Observer.
  • High resolution  “Image Capture” of the entire roof surface, including additional imagery of hard to reach locations and points of concern.
  • Provided an orthomosaic map of the entire property and rooftop.
  • Created an Inclusive Roofscape Report for the client which included:
  1. An anomalies report, highlighting the captured images detailing areas of  concern/damage. These images were correlated with a roof reference map for easy location placement.
  2. Roof measurements – pitch, surface area, hips, rakes, eves, valleys, edging and gutters.
  3. Accuracy report (subcentimeter).
  4. Elevation reports

Mission Accomplished!

Our client was able to use the imagery provided by the Harmony Drones team to effectively demonstrate the integrity of the roof, identify areas of damage in need of repair, accurately estimate the cost to repair and provided a responsible quote for roof replacement.

Going Above and Beyond!

In addition to completing the primary intent of our operations, the Harmony Drones Flight crew discovered a separate portion of the facility that required immediate attention.

This section of roof was found on the opposite end of the facility that almost doubled the size of the primary rooftop focus of the day. The information collected on this portion of failed rooftop was turned over to our client who in turn used this newly discovered information to provide a more thorough solution, saving countless dollars while allowing the client to accurately budget for additional work.

Additional cost to our client for this discovery. $0.00