Mt Zion Holy Christian Church, Wilmington Delaware


HK Griffith Inc. Roofing Contractors


Determine the integrity of the existing roof structure, provide accurate assessment, as well as documentation and quote for replacement if necessary.

Complicating Factors  for Traditional Inspection

Due to the building’s location within the Wilmington suburbs, close proximity to other structures and the height of the church steeple, the following issues were complications the contractors faced:

  • City street closure required for multiple days for the inspection to be performed.
  • City permits required in order to close off the streets for safety reasons.
  • Several stories of scaffolding required to reach the peak of the roof.
  •  Many locations of the roof not visually accessible without making physical contact with the roof, potentially adding more damage to the structure.
  • Safety and liability concerns to the contractor’s employees.
  • High out-of-pocket expense to the contractor for the inspection, adding additional cost and expense without the guarantee of securing the project.

Harmony Drones Mission

  • Provide high resolution images of the entire roof structure, including the steeple, while focusing in on areas of concern or damage.

Harmony Drones Solution

  • Licensed Harmony Drones pilot on site to fly the mission, working in tandem with the contractor, who was able to offer in the moment real time direction, allowing them to focus on areas of interest.
  • High- resolution images of the entire roof structure.
  • 3-D imagery of the church steeple.
  • No need for street closure for drone image capture, therefore no impact to the local community.
  • Complete time onsite for the pilot to capture the required data was less than one hour.
  • Provided the client with complete data package with 24 hours.
  • Cost savings with no need for expensive equipment rentals, labor, or high liability risks for the assessment process.

Mission Accomplished

Client was able to use the imagery provided by Harmony Drones to effectively demonstrate the integrity of the roof, accurately estimate the cost to repair, and provided a responsible quote, which ultimately secured the project for them.